RISORSA (Rare-earth magnets from RAEE for high-efficiency electromagnetic systems) is a project co-financed by the Ministry for Ecological Transition (now the Ministry for the Environment and Energy Security), developed between various companies and university research groups and coordinated by the INSTM Consortium.

The project stems from the desire to make waste such as computers a resource and not just an end-of-life material, and thus to be able to include them in a circular economy.

The research project aims to validate an integrated supply chain proposal for recycling permanent magnets from Hard Disk (HD), composed of various elements, including rare earths, that are an increasingly valuable and strategic material.

The project starts with collecting the material to be recycled (RAEE), continuing to define an industrially optimised process for its recycling, and ending with the realisation, characterisation and testing of the finished prototype directly in an industrial environment.

The project aims to define and validate an initial recycling chain for rare-earth magnets during the project.

The project steps:


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