Superfici ed Interfasi Nanostrutturate. Materiali ad alto sviluppo superficiale: sintesi, caratterizzazione e modeling

La dotazione strumentale del CR Superfici ed Interfasi Nanostrutturate

Nel Centro si possono trovare:

  • High pressure volumetric Sievert SETARAM (0-100 bar)
  • Powder-Diffractometer Panalytical X-Pert
  • High pressure volumetric Sievert AMC (0-200 bar)
  • Microwave reactor for synthesis
  • Waters TA Instruments Q200 Differential Scanning Calorimeter with Mass Flow Control
  • Waters TA Instruments Q600 TGA-DSC and Thermostar 200 Phyffer Thermostar 200 Phyffer
  • Ambient Plasma Reactor
  • Stopped flow
  • Tensiometer Kruss
  • Contact angle kruss
  • 2 Glove box M-Brown
  • IR-ATR_Bruker Alpha
  • Optic Microscope Leika
  • PID System
  • BET ASAP 2020 Micromeritis
  • Meltspinner SC
  • 3 hydrogen generator, metal Sputtering and “lappatrice”
  • 2 reactors for synthesys at high T up to 1200 K) equipped with mass flow controllers Lenthon tubular oven gasses
  • 4 Vacuum lines for samples treatments + 3 lines at the instrument
  • Press and pellets makes, vacuum line to fill baloons
  • 2 vacuum lines portable (XAFS)
  • UV-Vis Varian Cary 300
  • Solar box SOL2 Honle
  • IR Jasco
  • IR Nicolet 6700 DRIFT set up Ambient chamber for DRIFT
  • IR Bruker Vector 70 (MCT +DTGS +DTGSFIR)
  • Bruker Equinox 55 + home cell connected with a cryostat able to cool the sample till liquid helium temeperature
  • Solarbox 3000 Xenon Lamp
  • NOxAnalyzer Thermo 42i
  • Catlab reactor Hyden + MAS spectrometer
  • Ir-Perkin Helmer 2000 + line for experiments in flux + Mass spectrometer
  • UV-Vis-NIR Cary 5000 + reflectance sphere
  • Microcalorimeter Setaram CP80
  • AFM XE-100, Park Systems Supported options: C-AFM and NC-AFM (in air and liquid), EFM, SKPM,
  • STM, Internal conductive AFM, Nanoindentation, Nanolithography (Low and high voltage)
  • Nanoindenter Fischer
  • Ellissometer L.O.T. Oriel
  • Renishaw in Via Raman Microscope equipped with two exciting lines at 514 nm (SpectraPhysiscs Ar+ laser) and at 785 nm (Renishaw diode laser)
    in Via Raman Microscope equipped with two exciting lines at 325 nm (Kimmon IK Series He-Cd Laser) and 442 nm (Kimmon IK Series He-Cd Laser)
  • Renishaw Micro-Raman System 1000244 nm (Coherent 300C MotoFred Ar+ laser)
  • Circular Dicroism
  • HRTEM Jeol 3010 UHR equipped with LaB6 filament
  • SEM Zeiss Evo 50XVP equipped with LaB6 filament (Assing)
  • EPR Spettrometer CW Bruker ESP 300E (9.5 GHz)
  • EPR/ENDOR Pulse Spettrometer Bruker ELEXYS E580 (9.5 GHz)

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