GISEL (National Centre of Reference for Electrochemical Energy Storage Systems)

What GISEL can offer to industry

The activities of the Center will be able to provide a significant impulse to the electrochemical energy storage sector, both as regards the production of innovative materials, with higher performance and intrinsic and relative safety, their characterization with advanced techniques and modeling, and related manufacturing of new generation batteries, both as regards recycling and second-life of existing batteries. Some of the most important national players in the sector have already shown interest in the initiative.

In particular, the offer for companies includes all the main lithium-based (lithium-ion, lithium metal, lithium-sulfur, lithium-air) and post-lithium (sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, zinc, aluminum, iron, etc.) chemistries. Also included are redox-flow batteries and supercapacitors. Although the focus is clearly on materials and their characterization and assembly in laboratory-scale prototypes, efforts will progressively be made to embrace the entire value chain. Specifically, the activities of the Center will concern:


  • in silico modeling of materials and interfaces for various lithium and post-lithium chemistries
  • laboratory-scale preparation of active electrode materials
  • formulation and fabrication of electrodes
  • laboratory-scale preparation of liquid, semi-solid, solid and composite electrolytes
  • assembly of button cells and pouch cells in dry chamber.


  • complete thermal, morphological and structural characterization of materials
  • mechanical characterization of materials
  • complete functional characterization of materials (transport and electrochemical properties)
  • cell test (power and energy density, duration).


  • design and development of electrode and electrolytic materials for the preparation of batches on a pilot scale
  • multiphysics modeling of the device (thermal, electrical and mechanical aspects)
  • battery recycling and second-life issues
  • safety issues and TEA / LCA
  • definition of protocols for structural and functional characterization of materials
  • drafting of patents, technical reports and specs data-sheets
  • definition and drafting of funding requests for research and development and technological innovation of processes and products.

The Center will have a manager for the digitalization processes of the internal network and for the analysis procedures (even remotely), with particular reference to services for industries, and a manager for contacts with companies and the development of activities on behalf of third parties. Finally, the opportunity to obtain an ISO certification title will be evaluated.

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