Neodymium and Rare Earths

Within the group of rare earths considered critical and a prime target of the European Commission, Neodymium (Nd) is one of the most sought-after targets as it is currently indispensable as a constituent of permanent magnets (NdFeB alloys) in various applications in the energy and automotive sectors (i.e. in certain types of wind turbines and electric motors), as well as for imaging techniques such as magnetic resonance imaging. In common with all the elements in its group, it has low availability as a European raw material.

The supply of rare earths is currently due to imports from non-European countries. Both rare earths, Nd and Dysprosium (Dy), are potentially recoverable from hard disk magnets. As magnets are present in many key applications for European strategy, they are a possible source of strategic secondary raw materials, accounting for 38% of total rare earth demand alone.


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