INSTM's research roadmap

Core to INSTM's activities is its focus on materials chemistry and the chemical fundamentals underlying materials technologies – a focus that not only gives INSTM its very distinctive character, but also represents its greatest strength. With this at the basis of their work, each of the FoRs and the two ad hoc committees follow planning and strategic guidelines to identify the most current and promising areas in which to concentrate their efforts in terms of proposals for joint development projects. Such projects support the pooling of expertise from widely varying spheres of research and involve research and development work on materials science and technology that is combined where possible with real world relevance and applications.

Research direction and activities are organised within the Consortium and its FoRs following a clear, multi-level framework. First, a general area of activity is identified together with its potential benefits for industry. Then objectives are defined, together with the applications that can be developed given the Consortium's capabilities. The third step is to specify the main types of materials involved, and the fourth is to specify a relevant line of research.

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