How does INSTM work?

INSTM combines the initiative and decisions – as well, of course, as scientific capabilities – of its affiliates, with the speed, capacities and efficiency of its own unique, agile structure.

Its coordination activities are conducted through a lean organisational and administrative structure whose bureaucracy has been reduced to a minimum – a considerable feat given the realities in Italy – allowing it to operate with speed and efficiency. As well as the office that coordinates its administrative and financial management, INSTM has also added a public relations office.

The research initiatives, on the other hand, are run from the Research Units (UdRs) in the Universities, as are the INSTM's Centres of Reference. The UdRs report to the INSTM's Fields of Research under which the Consortium's scientific network is organised. The Directors of the Fields of Research together form the Scientific Council, which decides on the Consortium's research priorities.

The INSTM is directed by the Governing Council, a veritable "Members' House" comprising representatives from each of the 52 member universities, each of whom holds equal voting rights. It is this Governing Council that deliberates on the Consortium's scientific activities, the use of its financial means, and elects its Executive Board, President and Director. The Board, made up of 4 elected members and the Director, is INSTM's Executive Body.

The Governing Council, Executive Board and the Scientific Council are convened and chaired by the President, who also nominates the Director and oversees the implementation of the Governing Council's and Executive Board's resolutions. The Director is responsible for ensuring that these resolutions are acted upon and oversees the Consortium's activities.

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