8th Spin Conference on Nitroxides (Spin-2017)

The 8th Spin Conference on Nitroxides (Spin-2017) will be held from September 10 to 14, 2017 in Padova, Italy. It is the major international appointment, held every three years, devoted to Nitroxides and Spin Traps. The last two editions of the Conference were held in Zelenogradsk (Russia, chair Alexander I. Kokorin, 2014), and in Marseille (France, chair Paul Tordo, 2011).


Spin-2017 is an international conference dealing with the latest advances in the use of nitroxides in all fields of science, from biology to material science. It is an occasion for the most prestigious scientists in the field to present their studies and gather for stimulating inter-field exchanges of ideas and opinions.
The conference is organized by University of Padova and patrocinated by INSTM, GIRSE, SIB and DiSC.


  • Synthesis, structure, and properties
  • Spin labeling, probing, and spin trapping
  • Magnetic spectroscopies
  • Structural and dynamical aspects
  • Applications (medicine, biology, chemistry)
  • Nitroxides for imaging
  • NO biochemistry
  • Applications in material science
  • Supramolecular systems and molecule-based magnets


The conference will be held in the brand-new section of one of the main hystorical sites of our city: the Orto Botanico (botanical garden) of the University of Padova.
Located in the hystorical center of Padova, the Orto Botanico was founded in 1545 by the Venetian Republic, and is the world’s oldest academic botanical garden that is still in its original location. The orignal site was recently expanded with a new biodiversity garden, a modern eco-sustainable greenhouse building showcasing different Earth climates and environments.


  • 1st April, 2017: Opening of abstract submission
  • 31st May, 2017: Deadline for abstract submission

For any information on the conference please contact spin2017.conference@unipd.it or antonio.barbon@unipd.it. Any administrative question should be posted to spin2017@instm.it.

Registration: http://backoffice.instm.it/spin2017

Web site: www.chimica.unipd.it/spin-2017

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